Global Payments Integrated


You are now at the risk of losing your ability to process payments using the OpenEdge platform

If you need help with completing the update please review steps below. After reviewing the Certificate installation steps, if you have any additional questions or concerns regarding RCM or our other integrated payments services, please feel free to contact our dedicated Customer Care Team at (888) 902-9668.

If you have completed this update and need reminders to stop, we are giving you an option to update our records. Click here to update your information.

System Requirements

Windows Users
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or higher.

Additional Requirements

  • Once the installation has started, please do not interrupt, pause or stop the installation as it may result in an inability to process payments
  • You must be logged into Windows with an Administrator user
  • The entire update process should take approximately one minute to complete

How do I install the RCM Certificate update?

The RCM certificate can easily be updated by following these steps:

  • Download the necessary RCM Certificate Update Utility
  • Once the download has completed, locate the installation file – typically in your "Downloads" folder. The Installation file will be named RCMCertificateUpgrader.exe
  • Click on and run the installation file. The update process will start and finish automatically
  • Once the update is complete, there are no additional steps required. You can now continue processing transactions

OpenEdge cannot be held liable for interruptions caused by your failure to comply with the requirements described in this notice.